Saturday, 25 June 2011

Thundercats images

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New Batman mini-series coming

Artisit Denys Cowan has revealed that he's working with Paul Levitz (DC writer and editor) on a new Batman mini-series:
I’m doing a Batman story, it’s called Batman: Mortality, where we discuss the five stages of death… Paul Levitz is the writer. Paul Levitz is writing it, and it’s a six issue mini-series, or a six issue series within the Batman [titles], the new Batman… And I didn’t know this, too. Let’s back up. Paul and I are planning to do this series. Unbeknownst to me, but probably he knew, DC is planning to do this big thing. I finally get this script after months of delay and wondering what’s going on with this thing, and all of the script – Mike Marts is the editor – and all over the script is red type over the script going “Denys, use Batman: Year One costume,” “Denys, there’s specific reference for this stuff,” “Denys, place everything in this era.” And I’m looking at this thing going, “Why am I placing everything in the 1980s or whatever it is?” Well… Because they were revamping everything. So when this comes out, it’ll be that same era Batman, that’s coming out in that first issue… It’s reflecting all that stuff. So, I’m part of this thing and I didn’t even know it until I got the scripts.

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