Friday, 2 November 2012

Huntress darts into 'Arrow'

Helena Bertinelli, the Huntress, is coming to Arrow. Why do we care? Because Huntress is awesome and Arrow, whilst not stunning, is turning out to be quite watchable (certainly an improvement on the dire Smallville).

Arrow producers had this to say about her upcoming two-episode arc:
"The whole reason for bringing the Huntress on -- it isn't so we can just throw in a new DC Comics character, even though she's very cool. It's really about having an emotional effect on Oliver. When we meet him in that storyline, he's lonely and he's feeling a little lost, and then, in comes to his life this girl who's the darker version of him who he thinks he can save. On an emotional level, she and Oliver are both damaged by their pasts, and then the fact that she's hot and Oliver is into her makes it all the more complicated."
Source: CBR

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Monkey Island movie?

By now I'm certain that you all know about the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm. I'm writing up a larger article about the implications that has for Star Wars, but I just had a brainwave and had to share it.

In the purchase, Disney acquired LucasArts. Disney also own Pixar. LucasArts own a game property called Monkey Island; which did have a movie in development for a while. The screenwriter went on to write the Disney property, Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney, and by extension PIXAR, have direct access to the franchise that helped to inspire one of Disney's biggest money-spinners of the last decade. With a return of Johnny Depp and the Pirates franchise looking less likely, surely Disney would like to fill the pirate-shaped hole in their line-up.

Insert brainwave:
Could we see an animated Monkey Island movie from PIXAR?

Learn more about the cancelled movie here.