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Here I gather a collection of my work in writing and film. Some of the work is from my time at university, where I studied Film and Media Production, some is from afterwards.
You can view my IMDb page by following this link. There isn't much there at the moment, but then I didn't make it, so I can't complain too much.
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In chronological order:

Necrogenous Dreams
The first (and shortest) of what would be an epic vampire trilogy. I had hand written the second book and made notes for the third. May actually rewrite this as a comic-book during the summer holidays. Be warned, I wrote this in lower-sixth (equivalent to Junior year at highschool).

The Road Back
The first script that I produced for Uni, this was a look at how people change once they leave a small town and come back. I had considered revisiting this and expanding the plotlines of the minor characters, connecting them with a common theme, but never got around to it. For those who know me, yes I used some of your names, no this doesn't mean that it is necessarily about you. Oh, and I think that I put a Tom and Suzie together before Tom and Suzie ever got together.

The second script wasn't a comment on false claims of rape, I just wanted him to get into trouble for messing around!

Locked Inn (Sitcom Pilot)
Written for the Writing for Film & Television module, Locked Inn would have followed the emploees of a pub in a tourist town. The pub and locals were based on a pub that I worked in at the time, but the characters were complete fabrications.

The Uninvited
Final Script, 4th draft and video (unfortunately split over 2).
Whilst we were quite happy with what we managed to do for under £200, the translation from first draft to final product didn't really work. There were many aspects that were changed by the course tutor and subsequently some things don't quite make sense. Yes, there is a Robocop reference. Can you spot it?

A treatment for a 3 minute animation that for workload reasons never got off the ground.

A treatment for a feature film. A guys loses the people he loves and with no-one to direct his hate against, goes abit off his rocker and becomes a vigilante recluse.

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