Saturday, 6 October 2012

A Good Day to Die Hard: Teaser Trailer

John McClane is back kicking ass in this all new teaser for 'A Good Day to Die Hard'.

Preview of Batman: Death of the Family

As someone who has come to love Scott Snyder as a writer, I was seriously excited to find out that for his second arc on his Batman run he would finally be re-tackling the Joker.  This promises to be brilliant, as Snyder has previously stated he has an immense love for the character, stating that “Joker is my favourite villain of all time.”  The storyline will once again feature the fantastic, moody artwork of Greg Capullo, and the artist himself has shown his excitement for finally drawing the Clown Prince of Crime.  “Talk about a dream come true!  For me, the Joker is the ultimate rogue and the villain I most wanted to draw.”
This has all the workings to be another fantastic story arc by Snyder, who has yet been able to write a story I could fault.  We've already seen briefly what Snyder could do with the Joker in just a few issues of his run on Detective Comics last year, (which produced one of the most frightening Joker’s I’ve read on paper in the past few years) and if Snyder’s saying Joker will be at his most fearsome in this next arc, I may have to brace myself for what’s about to come.

This new arc in Snyder’s run on Batman will also cross over into the various Bat-titles at DC, just like the previous storyline did with “The Night of the Owls”.  It will be very interesting to see the consequences of Joker’s actions and how they affect the Bat family, and I think it’s guaranteed we’re in for a fair share of shocks and surprises, with the way Capullo and Snyder are discussing the book, I think I might actually be afraid to pick up #13.
As someone who has mostly drifted in and out of the New 52 in the past year I must say titles like Batman, and the upcoming Justice League of America series may just be what I need to reinvest some time and love into the medium again.  Snyder is always a writer you can rely on to tell a fantastic story without neglecting the characters we all know and love, and I haven’t managed to fault him on any of his works so far!  This surely promises to be one hell of romp, and I think I’d be slightly insane if I chose to pass on reading this arc.
Batman: Death of the Family begins with #13 of Batman, which hits comic book stores everywhere next Wednesday.