Saturday, 5 February 2011

Batman Chess set [update]

Apparently the Batman chess set that I ordered wasn't the one pictured here, but in fact features the Bat-family VS the Justice League. Was I upset about this? Not at all. Was I annoyed that I only found out because I e-mailled to ask where it was? A bit.

Why Green Lantern was made a pawn, whereas Steel (!) manages to be a Knight, I have no idea. Personally, I would have stuck with Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash as King, Queen and Bishop, but I would have made the Knights, Rooks and Pawns, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Aquaman respectively.
I also would've had Huntress, the Cassandra Cain Batgirl or even Barbara Gordon as Oracle rather than Babs as Batgirl.

Anyway, it still looks really cool and I'm looking forward to it arriving next week.


  1. Because he was left out originally, because I made him a pawn or because he's only been back from the dead since the summer and he has already gotten his hand cut off again?

    Well done to both of us for avoiding any 'prawn' jokes. Damn.

  2. is there anyways to get the REAL batman chess set

  3. ^ My only advice is: Keep your eyes open.
    This product was released late 90s and was a limited edition. I think that most retailers ran out within the year. All you can hope for is that some eBayer or comic book shop has one tucked away. I felt really lucky to find the one that I've got, even if it does feature the JLA pieces rather than Batman villians.