Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wonder Woman TV Show Details Revealed

The following could either mean that Wonder Woman is going to be the superhero version of Ally McBeal or it could simply be biased misinterpretation of portions of the script. Judge for yourselves, but I am dialing my hopes down for this project (so that I will, hopefully, be pleasantly surprised).

NBC and David E. Kelley have been extremely secretive about the upcoming Wonder Woman TV show. Our friends over at BleedingCool got their hands on a draft of the pilot script and have shared some details. No worries, the following information is spoiler-free!

Fans of the comic books will be happy to know that the new show features a lot of elements and characters from the comics:
■Myndi Mayer is a part of the show, herein portrayed as Diana’s best friend.
■It has a scene featuring comic character Etta Candy. The script is written as an open-invitation for Melissa McCarthy (Mike & Molly).
■The series will focus on the relationship between Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman. Long ago government man Trevor crashed onto Wonder Woman’s island and brought her back to New York, and now they’ve split up, but she still has feelings.
■There may not be an invisible jet, but Diana has a whole rainbow’s worth of over colored aircraft.
■She still has her lasso, and her bullet-deflecting bracelets.
■Her nemesis is Veronica Cale, who in this series will be an evil scientist and rival businesswoman with an evil plan that audiences will be easy to guess ahead of time.

This reboot will be a lot different too. In addition to her Diana Prince alter ego, this time Wonder Woman will have a day job as Diana Themyscyra, the head of Themiscyra industries. The series will be very similar to Iron Man and the Tony Stark character where everyone will know that Ms. T and Wonder W are the same.

Apparently Diana has a trendy crew of 20 something techie and science geeks that live in her basement and help her solve crimes in further episodes.

Here are some details on who her character is and what motivates her emotionally. This new Wonder Woman:
■Relates to ET the Extra Terrestrial when his movie comes on TV.
■Loves planes.
■Loves Steve and wishes they could be together.
■Yearns to belong and be “among” people, not just “with” them.
■Sings along to the radio in multiple scenes.
■Hates being “marketed, commercialized, merchandised”, though she is – there’s a joke about Wonder Woman tie-in dolls having their costumes redesigned that seems to reference the recent makeover for the comics.
■As Diana Prince she’s a mousey Miley Stewart, when she’s Diana Themiscyra she’s the Hanna Montana of businesswomen, and she will only be Wonder Woman twice in the pilot episode.
■Is a capitalist.

It looks like we are in for a goofy comedy-drama about an aggressive business woman by day and a super heroine by night. In more groan inducing news, the show will be full of Girl Power pop-songs and the phrase “You go, girl” is used.
BleedingCool reports that some of the jokes are good, but the overall drama elements are lacking. The character relationships are nothing new, audiences have seen them before, and there’s nothing in the plot that is amazing or unexpected.
The script features songs like Beyonce's Single Ladies. It also has the following songs: One Way or Another by Blondie; Wonder of You by Jeffrey McDonald; Golddigger by Kanye West; Bad Romance by Lady Gaga; Last of the American Girls and Extraordinary Girl by Green Day; Pepinot by Les Choristes; I Only Know How to Love by Christina Aguilera.


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