Monday, 17 January 2011

TV Sidekicks are the real heroes

Newsarama have posted this OpEd piece about TV sidekicks who actually outshine the hero. I have got to say that I love that Reginald Jeeves is in the mix. I never liked Penny though.

Robin, Dr. Watson, Samwise Gamgee. The great sidekicks do more than provide an audience surrogate for the hero to exposit his thoughts, they are the kind of true friends that only exist in fiction. They are there for their heroes in their darkest hours, pulling them through and providing them with just the right amount of aid to allow the hero to come out on top. However, not all heroes are shining examples of their kind, be it circumstance or a deliberate effort on the part of their creator, once in a while those who are a second banana turn out to be, if not the real hero, then the one that captures the public’s imagination.

Read the whole list here.

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