Saturday, 19 March 2011

Batman: Arkham Asylum Leaderboards

With all the news of Batman: Arkham City that we've recieved this past week, I thought that I'd take a break from work and pop in Arkham Asylum. Rather than start a new story I went straight into the challenge rooms. After beating my previous personal bests on a few rooms, I went on to Rumble in the Jungle.
I've broken into the top 1000 (this is quite an acheivement considering that the rankings go up to 75,000). I would have had 5000 points more if only I was a little quicker on the counter in the last round; I let one hit in, kissing my Perfect Knight bonus goodbye.

I now have 7 challenge rooms ranked below 10,000 and 3 of them are below 1,000.
This is the only one that I have below 500:

Further Update:
My PS3 has me ranked at #1 for Shock and Awe Extreme, despite the fact that I only have 37,000ish points and the (surely must be hacked) highest score is 50,000,000+. Is this just my system playing up or has there been a glitch? PS3 users, let me know below.
Silent Knight Predator map

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