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Tony Bedard on Green Lantern: New Guardians

CBR News: Sinestro has been re-instated as a member of the Green Lantern Corps and it appears that he is going to be patrolling Sector 2814 now that Hal Jordan has been relieved of his duties. With Sinestro headlining Geoff's new "Green Lantern" series, is it safe to say that this transition has been in the works for some time?

Tony Bedard: Geoff always has a very advanced game plan, so, yeah, this has been in the works for a while. I think I've known this was where we were headed since last year, but we still needed to work out exactly how the story unfolded. As far as I know, putting Sinestro back in green was Geoff's idea alone. It's just such an amazingly cool twist to end "War of the Green Lanterns" that once he said it, it just made sense.

EXCLUSIVE: An advance look at Tyler Kirkham's cover for "Green Lantern: New Guardians" #1

And another thing; don't assume that Sinestro is patrolling 2814 just yet. The Guardians and Sinestro are both still trying to figure out what to do now that a green ring has found its way onto Sinestro's finger. You'll see just where that leads in "Green Lantern" #1 next month.

Sinestro has been one of the DCU's biggest and baddest villains since his debut in 1961, ramping up his visibility and impressiveness significantly with the Sinestro Corps War storyline a few years ago. In preparing for this miniseries, did you go back and seek out heroic moments from his past for inspiration or, in light of the coming relaunch, are we, as readers, expected to simply embrace this level of transformation?

I don't think anyone is ready to embrace this, especially Sinestro. He hasn't exactly been looking for a way back into the GL Corps; he's been trying to destroy it. So even though the ring didn't hesitate to choose him, we'll see that everybody, from Sinestro to the Guardians to the Green Lanterns, will need some time to come to terms with this seismic change in the cosmic balance of power.

As for what research I did, I've been an avid Green Lantern fan since before I got into the comics business, so mostly I just kept pinching myself that I get to put words in Sinestro's mouth.

He may have hd the destruction of the GLC in mind for a while now, but Sinestro did have his moments in "Blackest Night" where he was somewhat attempting to be a part of the greater good, and during the battle with Krona, he certainly seemed inspired by Hal to do the right thing. Do you feel Sinestro possesses the archetypal superhero traits or characteristics that one needs to headline a superhero comic?

I think all the best villains see themselves as heroes, and Sinestro certainly sees his actions as justified and for the greater good as he sees it. That's what gives him such nobility and an unshakable moral code, such as it is. You may not like him, but you always know Sinestro stands for something. He is committed to his mission and willing to die for what he believes in. I'd say that's pretty heroic.

This year marks Sinestro's fiftieth year in comics, and while he's certainly a DC mainstay, he's not at the same level as Lex Luthor or the Joker. Has his recent primetime appearances in comics from the days of "Sinestro Corps War," plus his high-profile roles in the Green Lantern movie and the animated DVD anthology set the stage for him to become an A-lister?

I think Sinestro is absolutely an A-lister, and I think he'd squash you if he ever heard you question it.

You're writing "Green Lantern: New Guardians" for the DCU relaunch. While the title's main Green Lantern is Kyle Rayner, can fans expect Sinestro to play a role in your new series?

Sinestro isn't directly involved, but the Sinestro Corps definitely has a presence in my new series, as Sinestro's right-hand man Arkillo is part of Kyle Rayner's new "team" of ring-wielders. I wonder if "anti-team" is more appropriate, like "anti-hero?" Anyhow, "Green Lantern: New Guardians" will feature members of all seven Ring Corps, and Kyle will have his hands full just trying to keep them from killing each other.

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