Monday, 3 October 2011

DC Comics' New 52 Weeks 3 & 4 review round-up


  • Lovely art and it's always nice to see Black Canary kick ass. Not the best BoP story, but they're doing what the do best. Promising: 6/10.


  • Poor art and worse writing. There is so much wrong with this book that I don't know where to start. Desperately trying to warrant a T+ rating this goes too far. Awful: 1/10.


  • Both Eddy barrows and Kyle Higgins bring their 'A' game as Dick Grayson returns to being the Dick Grayson we know and love as Nightwing. Reminscent of Chuck Dixon. Excellent: 8/10.

  • I suspect that editorial had as much hand in this as anoyone else. It's difficult to feel anything for these characters as (with the exception of Jason Todd) they have lost any charm they once had. Dropped: 2/10


  • An action-packed action-fest with extra action. There is a lot of promise here. The art in particular stands out as being a potential hit. Promising: 6/10
  • AQUAMAN #1

  • Unlike apparently everyone else, I only thought that this book was okay. There were alot of good things about it, but it didn't really do much to raise it about what I expect from a comic. Promising: 6/10


  •  A big improvement from the book prior to the relaunch, but this is still the week link in the Batman titles. Inconsistent art and the most obvious secret identity in the world don't help it's case. Disappointing: 4/10

  • THE FLASH #1

  • Superb art that threatens to rewrite the rules on how comic book art progresses the storytelling unfortunately can't do much to lift an average script. Promising: 6/10

  • I, VAMPIRE #1

  • Standard vampire fare that hardcore fans of the genre will enjoy wallows in setup. The art is indie enough to give a horror vibe. I'll stick around for #2 to see where we go. Disappointing: 4/10


  • I think it was Denny O'Neil who said 'No-one reads text boxes.' By the end of Superman #1 I realised that I had only skim-read most of them. Both the writing and art were a throw-back to the 1980's. Weak: 3/10

  • VOODOO #1

  •  Ignoring the fact that the main character seems to be Sil from Species with sensitivity, the book didn't really go anywhere until the last couple of pages. However the penciller, Sami Basri, must be given credit for good work. We'll see what happens in #2. Disappointing: 4/10

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